Plastic boat alternative to a RIB



You're looking for a new boat or dinghy


You want a boat that's going to last.  One that can handle everything you and the weather can throw at it - and one that doesn't need much maintenance would be good!

Pioner boats are made in one piece, using rotational moulded polyethylene (in other words, it's a plastic boat).  This means that each boat has generous reserves of buoyancy, making them easy to work with.  Safe handling characteristics reassure the novice and gives more experienced user confidence that the boat will do what they need it to do.

"One piece" means no maintenance.  You don't need to paint these boats to protect them from the elements. In fact you don't need to do anything to them at all.  They shrug off harsh treatment and there is nothing to puncture, so they're worth considering as a practical alternative to a RIB.

There are fun Pioner boats you can use to introduce your family to boating and there are practical Pioner boats used by rescue services all over the world.  You can choose which one is right for you, safe in the knowledge that the same high standards of design, construction and utility apply from the smallest in the range to the largest.

Whatever you want to do in a boat, you can do it with one from the Pioner range.


The new Pioner Boats 2015 catalogue is now available to view and download by clicking the link below:

Pioner Boats 2015 catalogue



The new Pioner Multi is 3 here


The new Pioner Multi III is longer and wider than its predecessor with even more flexible modular solutions for storage and steering. The newly designed catamaran hull is more efficient and planes easily, offering better seaworthiness in rough weather.




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