A Starter Boat


It's exciting choosing your first boat!  There are so many things to think about.


The important points are buoyancy, stability and predictable handling.  A bit if flexibility would be good too wouldn't it?  Choose a Pioner boat as your first boat and you get all of these things.  The craft suggested below are all good rowing boats which can be fitted with small outboard motors.


Another point worth thinking about is whether you want boating or boat maintenance to be your hobby?  If you don't fancy spending your winters sanding and varnishing your new dinghy to protect it from next years' weather, then a Pioner boat is an ideal choice.  Being plastic, you don't paint them.  In fact you don't need to do anything to them!  Your Pioner boat will give you years of loyal, reliable service, no matter how you treat it.


On top of that, your Pioner boat will still be worth something if you decide to sell it and move on to a bigger boat!


So if you're looking for your first boat, choose wisely - choose a Pioner.


Ideal starter boats are:  Pioner 8 Mini, Pioner 10, Steady 260 or the Steady 320.



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