Pioner 10


The classic Pioner boat! Easy to row, safe and secure


pioner-10 pioner 10 rowing boat on water

Key Points

  • Easy to transport
  • Directionally stable
  • 7-8 knots with a 4hp engine

If you’re looking for a small boat for angling, a tender or a boat for exploring the waterways the Pioner 10 is a good choice.

Weighing in at just 74kg this dinghy is light enough to be transported on the roof rack of most cars. Four substantial lifting handles mean it can be easily carried to the water.

Sit inside and you’ll find a spacious, open design with a splash proof locker built in to the centre thwart.

Davit lifting eyes can also be fitted through special points in the double skin.

Standard Features

  • Oars
  • Splash proof locker


Technical Data

Model Pioner10
Weight 74kg
Length x width 305cm x 137cm
Max persons 3
Max engine power 5hp/3.7kw
Shaft length short
Oar length 7ft

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