Rowing Boats


A day out fishing, getting from A to B or a spot of family fun - all things you can do in a rowing boat.  What will you do in yours?


Pioner row boats are directionaly stable, so getting from A to B is less of a chore.  They're also extremely buoyant so your family can have more confidence in row boat handling.  They're also low maintenance.  So when you decide to go fishing, you can go fishing and you don't have to worry about mending your boat first!  Really handy if you rent out your boats for other people to go fishing in!


Many Pioner boat models are designed for rowing.  Take a look at these:


Pioner 8 Mini, Pioner 10, Pioner 12, Pioner 13, Pioner 14, Pioner 15, Steady 260, Steady 320 or the Steady 400.


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