Pioner Boat Warranty


All Pioner boats sold in the UK come with a full 5 year guarantee for leisure or 2 year for commercial use. This covers parts and labour within the parameters below.

If in the unlikely event that you suspect that you have a fault or defect with your Pioner simply return it to the dealer that you bought your boat from so it can be inspected and repaired if necessary.


Pioner warranty covers:


  1. Colour degradation due to sunlight
  2. Cracks, splits, or holes not caused by impacts
  3. Excessive deformation of material
  4. Water ingress from cracks, splits or holes not caused by impacts.
  5. Failure of fittings as supplied with the boat from new and not including retro fitted items
  6. Excessive corrosion of metal fittings
  7. All labour and material costs carried out on a defective boat by an authorised Pioner dealer


Warranty cover not provided by Pioner:


  1. Damage due to misuse or fair wear and tear
  2. Accidental or wilful damage
  3. Damage resulting from inadequate or faulty maintenance
  4. Damage from severe or adverse weather conditions
  5. Damage resulting from uses other than those for which the boats were designed
  6. Damage as a result of overloading
  7. Damage resulting from the use of an engine more powerful than that stated on the Certificate of Conformity that comes with the boat
  8. Costs related to the transportation of the boat to or from the dealer for repair
  9. Damage as a result of incorrect adjustment of a road trailer or launching trolley
  10. Damage as a result of incorrect installation of accessories
  11. Minor scratches from delivery transportation
  12. Minor adjustment of fittings such as rails hinges etc
  13. Costs related to salvage
  14. Repairs not carried out by an authorised Pioner dealer
  15. Any other consequential costs or losses


  1. For further information on Pioner boats contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All Steady boats sold in the UK come with a 5 year warranty for leisure use or 12 Months for commercial use (conditions apply).
Errors and omissions excepted.

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