Work Boats


When you need a boat to do your job, you want to be sure you have a boat that makes the job easy.


All Pioner and Steady rigid boats are designed to be rugged, almost maintenance-free, reliable and above all safe.  They're built to high standards - just like the standards you set for yourself.


It might help your decision to know that they are also 100% recyclable, but what you really need to know is how well the boat you choose is going to support your operational needs:


  • These craft are made from Polyethylene - a strong, durable material.
  • The boats are moulded in one piece and can withstand the roughest of treatment.  They'll cope with extreme temperatures too, from sub-zero arctic cold to tropical heat and sun without being damaged.
  • These boats DO last.


Take a look around these pages to see Pioner and Steady boats in action at work.

They play a vital role in Police, Fire Brigade, Search and Rescue, Coastguard, Harbour Patrols, Security Patrols, flood rescue, swift water rescue and water borne construction operations every day in the British Isles.


So if the people you work with need to rely on a boat to do their job, do them a favour - think seriously about specifying a Pioner or Steady boat.


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